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Unpaid work and initiatives

Approx. 1965-6 (i.e. at age 12-13):  helping my father to teach spelling and arithmetic to adults with learning disabilities at Cell Barnes Hospital near St Albans, Herts. Also assisted father by marking work by his primary school pupils.

March 1985-December 1986:  newsletter editor and press officer for Launceston CND.

4.10.1989-29.9.1990:  press officer for Launceston Green Party. Activities included compiling ‘Green Tips’ which were published in local newspaper the Cornish Leader, producing report on findings from survey on recycling, of which concise versions were published in local newspapers, and helping to organise exhibition at local Co-op store.

29.9.1990-1991:  press officer for North Cornwall District Green Party.

July-December 1993:  membership secretary/treasurer for North Cornwall District Green Party.

1990:  ad sales, interviewing local ‘Green’ people (renewable energy producers and herbalist), writing articles, photography, illustration, crosswords and distribution, all for Cornish Green News.

Early 90s:  door-to-door collections for PDSA.

1992-3:  attempting unsuccessfully to persuade own parish council (Lewannick) to produce its own energy through anaerobic digestion of waste. Attended meetings, organised a speaker at a meeting, wrote to farmers, etc.

1993:  campaigning against construction of multi-storey car park in Launceston. Included lobbying, photography and recruitment of national journalist.

1993:  active in Lewannick Environmental Group.

1993-4:  environmental awareness officer at Launceston Inland Revenue.

1995:  two articles published in Pawprint, the junior newsletter of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

January 1997-April 2002:  campaigning against construction of housing estate on greenfield site in Launceston. Included lobbying, photography, research and recording of local wildlife.

January 1997 - present day (ongoing):  campaigning against construction of relief road on greenfield site in Launceston. Has included lobbying, recording of local wildlife and production of a 32-page dossier [pdf-340kb].

From approx. November 1998 - July 2005:  leading activist in Students for Ethical Science (anti-animal experimentation society at the Open University). At various times secretary, treasurer and newsletter editor. Membership secretary and advertising officer from 1998 to July 2005. Produced most of the society’s literature; created Networking scheme for mutual contact. Other work has included drafting motions for annual students’ association conference, researching alternatives and notifying these to the university, and fighting censorship of the society’s advertisement in the university’s magazine. Scientific Advisor from July 2005.

Approx. 2000:  taking telephone calls following Green Party election broadcasts.

2002 onwards (periodic):  helping the Green Party of England and Wales to formulate animal experimentation policy

October 2004 – January 2005:  co-editor for the Green News Network, an e-mail newsletter. These newsletters are available to view online by clicking here.

Independent initiatives

1994:  investigation of pet disappearances. Liaised with police, vets and RSPCA, appeared on radio and TV and ran advice and data-collection hotline from home.

From 1994 (ongoing):  recording local wildlife data; submitting some to Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Butterfly Conservation, Cornwall Otter Group, British Trust for Ornithology and English Nature.

1998:  construction and use of earth toilet at home!

from 2000 (ongoing):  cultivation and planting of over 30 mostly-native trees and hedging shrubs, planting of native wild plants and collection, sowing of native wildflower seeds and removing nettles, thistles, brambles and ivy in places to enhance biodiversity, in own garden and on disused railway cutting.  Click here for photos.

12.5.2000:  forced removal, via Advertising Standards Authority, of false ‘Green’ claims in a British Gas leaflet.

2006 - 2009:  Research into the hazards of artificial perfumes; production of article ‘Fat, Smelly and Stupid?

June 2009:  Drafting petition to Downing Street for public protection against the aforementioned hazards. See petition to protect the public from artificial perfumes.

Participation in consultations

May 1998:  ‘Opportunities for Change’ (Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions)

January 1999:  ‘Sustainability counts’ (Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions)

approx. 2001:  North Cornwall District Council Crime survey

2002-3:  draft CFS/ME Research Strategy (Medical Research Council)

2003:  consultation on the ethics of research involving animals (Nuffield Council on Bioethics)

2003:  ‘Informal Consultation on Public Access to Information on Pesticide Use’ and ‘Consultation on the Introduction of No-Spray Buffer Zones Around Residential Properties’ (Pesticides Safety Directorate)

2003-4:  draft ‘Australian code of practice for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes’ (Australian National Health and Medical Research Council)

2004:  ‘Taking it on’ (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)

2004:  Local Development Framework ‘Issues and Options’ (North Cornwall District Council)

Autumn 2005: North Cornwall District Council Draft Core Strategy [pdf document, 22 pages approximately 410Kb] and Sustainability Appraisal [pdf document, 81 pages approximately 1 Mb]. The documents reviewed for these consultations can be downloaded from

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