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Karuna Nurseries, Cornwall

- gardening the natural way

Do you love plants, but don't want them to be

* grown in peat or other unsustainable media?
* grown or sold in brand-new plastic pots and with plastic labels?
* sprayed with pesticides?
* imported?
* unsustainably packaged?

Then Karuna Nurseries is for you

Karuna Nurseries is a cottage industry run on Green, vegan principles from my Cornish garden.

My cultivation methods involve

* no power tools
* no quarried lime
* no perlite
* no rooting hormones

I do not buy commercial growing media or fertiliser, but instead use natural soil, compost and leafmould and make my own comfrey and nettle liquid fertiliser.

Karuna Nurseries enables you to garden with a clear conscience, and it won't cost the earth!

I do not buy in packaging materials apart from tape and string, but instead recycle clean, empty cans, plastic bottles, cardboard, etc. Roots are wrapped in damp cloth, obtained as offcuts from a small local clothing factory, and then in washed second-hand plastic bags or recycled plastic. Stakes used to keep plants in place in the packaging are twig sections harvested sustainably by myself. This policy is not only for environmental reasons, but also to keep down postage costs and consequently keep down the total costs to buyers. It should not compromise the protection of the goods, and I offer a full refund or replacement should goods arrive damaged.

I will strive to meet the needs of any buyer who requires an item urgently.

I generally charge progressively less postage per item the more you buy, so as to charge no more than it costs me. If you want a postage quote for a particular selection of items, please contact me.

I don't usually have time to offer everything that's ready on eBay or eBid, so please contact me if you would like anything specific from my eBay and eBid pages.

My eBay page is here and my eBid page is here.

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