Table 1 Irritancy discrepancies

Perfume chemicals 1 to 10, 11 to 20, 21 to 30, 31 to 39

Perfume chemicals 11 to 21 of 39

chemical Good Scents ChemIDPlus EU/IUCLID other
11. Galaxolide Main page (all forms): “irritant”; No MSDS for 100% concentration or 50% in bb. MSDS for 50% in dep or ipm: “irritating to skin”, skin and eye irritation “not determined” Skin/eye irritant IUCLID: moderately irritating per one rabbit skin irritation test; not irritating per others. EC classification “not irritating.” Rabbit eye irritation tests negative. HERA: “neither an eye nor a skin irritant”.
12. Dodecahydro3a, 6,6,9a-tetramethylnaphtho [2,1b] furan No reference to irritancy No reference to irritancy    
13a. ortho-anisaldehyde/2-anisaldehyde (CAS 135-02-4) Irritant Skin/eye irritant    
13b. ortho-anisaldehyde/4-anisaldehyde (CAS 123-11-5) Irritant/irritating to skin and eyes. Moderate rabbit skin irritation; eye irritation “not determined”; human experience with 10% solution: “no irritation or sensitization.” Skin/eye irritant   Per 1988-1995 Cornell MSDS “CAN BE HARMFUL IF INHALED, SWALLOWED AND ABSORBED THROUGH THE SKIN. CAN CAUSE EYE AND SKIN IRRITATION. DUST AND/OR VAPORS CAN CAUSE IRRITATION TO RESPIRATORY TRACT.”
14. Coumarin Skin and eye irritation not determined No reference to irritancy    
15. Cedrol No reference to irritancy No reference to irritancy    
16. Vanillin Main page: no reference to irritancy; MSDS states “irritating to eyes” and skin and eye irritation “not determined” No reference to irritancy   SIDS dossier: not irritating in humans
17. Exaltolide Not determined; human experience 10% solution: “no irritation or sensitization.” No reference to irritancy    
18. Tricyclodecenyl acetate Confusion over identity, overlap with flor acetate 5413-60-5/2500-83-6: Main page no ref. to irritancy. MSDS says skin and eye irritation “not determined”; human experience: 8% solution: “no irritation or sensitization.” 64001-15-6 irritant per main page; no MSDS 5413-60-5: Skin/eye irritant; no reference to irritancy for 2500-83-6 or 64001-15-6    
19. Tricyclodecenyl propionate No reference to irritancy Skin/eye irritant    
20. Ethyl vanillin No reference to irritancy on main page; MSDS states “irritating to eyes, respiratory system, and skin” Human skin irritation mild; eye irritation “not determined” Skin/eye Irritant   Vermont Safety Information Resources, Inc: primary irritant. Acros MSDS: “Causes eye and skin irritation...Causes digestive and respiratory tract irritation. Light sensitive.” Cites mild human skin irritation.