Table 1 Irritancy discrepancies

Perfume chemicals 1 to 10, 11 to 20, 21 to 30, 31 to 39

Perfume chemicals 1 to 10 of 39

chemical Good Scents ChemIDPlus EU/IUCLID other
1. Hexyl cinnamic aldehyde Main page cites irritancy. MSDS cites skin irritancy. Moderate rabbit skin irritation; eye irritation “not determined”; 12% solution not irritating in humans Skin/eye irritant    
2. Lilial No mention of irritancy on main page. Per MSDS skin and eye irritant but irritation “not determined” and 4% solution not irritating to humans. Skin/eye irritant IUCLID rabbit tests: eye irritant but skin irritation findings inconsistent.  
3. Boisvelone Irritant per main page. MSDS says irritating to eyes, respiratory system, and skin but irritation “not determined” and 23% solution not irritating to humans. Irritancy not cited    
4. Benzyl salicylate Irritant per main page; MSDS says irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin but irritation “not determined” and 30% solution not irritating to humans Irritancy not cited EC classification “not irritating” to skin and eyes despite moderate irritation to rabbits’ eyes and slight irritation to human skin 2005 MSDS states May cause eye, skin and/or respiratory tract irritation (Acros Organics, 2005a)
5. Musk tonalid Irritancy not cited, also “not determined” per MSDS Irritancy not cited IUCLID “not irritating” although slightly irritating to rabbit eyes  
6. Woody acetate/vertenex Confusion over identity Main page for 32210-23-4 but not 67874-72-0 says “irritant”. MSDS for 32210-23-4 cites eye irritancy and moderate rabbit skin irritation but eye irritation “not determined”, and human experience 4% solution: no irritation or sensitization. 32210-23-4 skin/eye irritant; no reference to irritancy for 67874-72-0 Not irritating to rabbit eyes or skin (IUCLID) Privi Organics: undiluted material may cause eye and skin irritation. Applied full strength under occlusion to the skin of rabbit for 24 hours was mildly irritating. Skin Sensitization (Human) No irritant effects (note apparent confusion re irritancy and sensitisation)
7. Methyl dihydro jasmonate In 2006: irritant; irritating to eyes, respiratory system, and skin; irritation “not determined”; human experience 4% solution: “no irritation or sensitization”. In 2008, MSDS says eye and skin irritation “not determined”. No other references to irritancy Irritancy not cited   Bedoukian MSDS states “May be irritating to skin and eyes.”
8. beta-naphthol methyl ether Main page says “irritant”. MSDS: “irritating to eyes, respiratory system, and skin”; irritation “not determined”; human findings: “4% solution: no irritation or sensitization.” Irritancy not cited   “May be harmful or act as an irritant” (Oxford Uni) “DUST AND/OR VAPORS CAN CAUSE IRRITATION TO RESPIRATORY TRACT. CAN BE IRRITATING TO MUCOUS MEMBRANES” (Cornell)
9. Methyl beta-naphthyl ketone No reference to irritancy Skin/eye irritant   Acros MSDS: skin and eye irritant. “Causes digestive...tract irritation” and “Causes irritation of the mucous membrane and upper respiratory tract.”. Chemservice MSDS: CAN CAUSE SKIN/EYE IRRITATION, SEVERE EYE BURNS. CAN BE HARMFUL IF ABSORBED THRU THE SKIN, IF INHALED OR IF SWALLOWED. CAN BE IRRITATING TO MUCOUS MEMBRANES
10. Cyclamen aldehyde Main page says “irritant”; MSDS says “irritating to skin” but skin irritation not determined; mild eye irritation in rabbits. Human experience: 3% solution: no irritation or sensitization. Skin/eye Irritant