Whatever happened to informed consent?

Perfume chemicals have very few human safety data at all - because the tests have simply not been done - so we all continue to be exposed to unknown hazards, with no say in the matter. There has previously been no legal requirement for clear evidence of human safety to be produced by manufacturers before putting the chemicals in their products and selling them to anyone who can be fooled into buying them and potentially endangering the rest of us. Even when companies do test – or commission tests on - their own chemicals, they may make misleading statements about the chemicals, possibly due to misidentification (for example see last paragraph in section on Verdox in Appendix I), yet we will still be expected to rely on their competence and honesty even under the new EU legislation.

The atmosphere is being treated as a chemical laboratory and ourselves as experimental animals. Health and environmental problems are being discovered when chemicals have already been in widespread use for years. Chemicals of concern are replaced by new ones, which have also been inadequately tested and are in time likely to become objects of concern themselves, but not before manufacturers have made vast profits from their sale and the chemicals have accumulated in the environment and in our bodies.

Before taking part in clinical trials, volunteers have to sign consent forms stating that they understand and accept a level of risk. Did anyone ask you to sign such a form before you were exposed to artificial perfumes?